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LED sign is the high technology product converging the principle of photoelectron, microelectron-ics, computer , Information processing . It can display the message of words ,figure ,data , tabula-tion and etc. , display the animators ,TV program , and other video signal of the computer isochr-onously. It boasts of characters of high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, shockproof, long life expectancy, etc.. It is widely used as the display system, information display for government , banks, railways , bus stations , stock market , notice and direction board for hig-hway road, airport, advertisement display for square , hotels and stations , news and sports for the public situation the Stadium, and etc. And now it is much more used in the tele cast scene .

 LED Sign Sort

1. According to the use circumstance , LED signs can be divided into two kinds —     indoor LED sign and outdoor LED sign.

Type Indoor LED Sign outdoor LED sign
displaying color

red , or green or yellow etc.(monochroic LED Sign)

red , or green or yellow etc.
(monochroic LED sign)

red, green, yellow
(Dual-Color LED Sign)

red, green, yellow
(Dual-color LED sign)

1024 gray shades, 109 colors mixed by red and green
(Dual-Color VGA LED Sign)

1024gray shades, 109 kinds of color mixed by red and green
(Dual-Color VGA LED sign)

4096 gray shades ,1010colors
(Full Color LED Sign)

4096 gray shades , 1010 colors
(full color LED sign)

Working Environment

Indoor conditions

Outdoor conditions and working all day

2. According to the control way, LED signs can be divided into information LED     sign and VGA LED sign

Type Information LED Sign VGA LED Sign
introduction The sign is controlled by the com-
puter . One computer can control one or more signs. And it not only can send the messages to thesign but also can manage the signs which is at different port in the identical Local area network .
VGA sign is controlled by computer that can transmit the words or the images or video signals. And the sign can display what the computer display by the dot-to-dot Corresponding way . So the sign and the computer can display the same content synchronously
specialist This kind of signs have the great function of sending many message .Only one computer can control multi signs. This kind of sign can displaying many modes such as words , images, animates ,TV program, and other video signals . And it need one computer for only itself .

3. LED signs conclude the following types:

Type of The Sign Pixel Density (Pixel/m2) Type of The Sign Pixel Density
(Pixel /m2)
Φ3mm 62000 P12I 6944
Φ3.75mm 44100 P12II 6200
Φ5mm 17200 P14 5102
P5(full color) 40000 (dummy pixel) P16 3906
P10(full color) 10000 (dummy pixel) P20 2500
P7.62(full color) 17200 P22 2066
P10(full color) 10000 P25 1600

4. Installation Mode

Indoor LED Sign Outdoor LED Sign
Hanging And Attached To The Wall Setting Hanging And Attached To The Wall Setting
Hanging Setting Hanging Setting
Floor Setting Floor Setting
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