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Leasehold Of Sign

We are the one of the first colony of professionalLED sign manufacturer .We own the better techn-ology and the integrated service . To meet the need of the markets , we begin to rent our sign .Now we have many kinds of full color LED sign ,and they are easy to be installed , torn down and trans-ited .

1. Short-Term Leasehold And Long-Term Leasehold (divided by the time )

A.Short-Term Leasehold :
It is suitable for the meeting , exhibition , issuance of the product , and etc. which need a short time to display . As it is a short-term leasehold (from several hours to several days) ,it need the product with good quality ,high function and quick maintenance service .

B.Long-Term Tenancy:
It mainly includes long-term running leasehold and long-term financing leasehold .

C.The typical specification of the product


KD-RGB 3906


Dot Pitch (mm)



Cabinet size
Meter (H′W) (mm)



Total of The Cabinets



Max Area



Grey Scale


Input Signals

Video Signal :NTSC、PAL、SECAM


Input Average



They can be scrabbled into the form you’d like .

2.Pledge of The Service :

According to the rental equipment and requirement of the customer ,we offer many services , and now we can offer the following standards of the tenancy service .
A. The Basic Service
It is usually applied for long-term tenancy . And you have this service since the leasehold.
B. Value Added Service
It is also applied for long-term leasehold .You can select the content of the service ,and it belongs to the charged service .
C. Quick Safeguard Service
It is usually applied for short-term leasehold . And you have this service since the start of leasehold .
D. Agreement Service
The content of services are in the agreement we sign .

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